Season 2 of the Quest for Greater means new farmers and new challenges. See how the Bezners and the Ellefsons manage small planting windows, rising input costs, unpredictable weather and more as they look to optimize their operations in 2014.

2013 has been a roller-coaster for each of our farmers. While some were battling dry weather, others were trying to manage overly wet conditions. In the end, continual in-season adjustments helped to reduce loss and make the most of this season.

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No matter how meticulously they planned earlier this year, each farmer has to make in-season adjustments to account for difficult conditions. Relying on advice from co-ops and other partners, our farmers will try to maximize their fields’ yield potential.

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Due to colder than normal spring temperatures, planting season was delayed this year. To make up lost ground, the Gordons, Ungers and McConvilles are working with their partners to make a specific, custom plan for each area of their fields.

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Dennis McConville’s operation has been severely affected by drought the last few years. He’s testing out the R7® Tool on a part of his field in hopes that it will help him pinpoint problematic areas that need precise in-season adjustments.

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Find out how the R7® Tool allows the Gordons and Ungers to manage each area of their fields. Because they work with trusted partners who offer solid, results-backed recommendations, these farmers feel more confident to make crucial decisions during the growing season.

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Find out how our farmers fared in 2012, considering tough growing conditions all season long. All three farmers explain the importance of making the right decisions during the season, including micronutrient adjustments and side dressing.

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Winning out in the field depends a lot on building winning relationships. Learn about the trusted partners and data-backed advice our farmers rely on every day to help them make crucial agronomic decisions throughout the year.

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Meet three farmers who are on a quest for greater yields as they approach each new growing season. Learn about the biggest challenges facing farmers these days and get their take on the future of agriculture.


from Ellefson Farms

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.26.57 PM

Due to cool temperatures, our crops are a week or more behind in development. We need a lot of heat units to catch up.

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from Bezner Farms

WinField R7.Still003[1]

We've had about 10 inches of rain since Memorial Day, which has improved conditions considerably. Most of the crops look pretty good.

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from McConville Farms


We received 9 inches of rain in June, which really helped our corn, soybeans and pastures. But the moisture came too late for the wheat.

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from Del Unger Farms

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 10.54.34 AM

In my 30-plus years of farming, this is the best crop I’ve ever had. Nearly perfect growing conditions should bring record yields.

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from Gordon Farms


Our corn and soybean yields this fall will depend on how long the frost holds off.

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The year is in full swing, and it's important that the plan continues to come together. Find out how both the Bezners and Ellefsons make adjustments and manage their crops in-season as they stare down a harvest that's quickly approaching.